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Merlot 2003 Tommasi Le Pruneé

Merlot 2003 Tommasi Le Pruneé

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We select the wines based on strict quality requirements.

The wines must be from quality producers, stored according to all the regulations of the art, and pass our final quality assurance when the wine arrives at our warehouse.

This ensures that we can offer a unique product where the probability of a unique experience is very good.

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To ensure the optimal conditions for a good drinking experience, we have created a guide for how the wine should be stored and treated before and when it is opened.

With expertise and +25 years of experience in vintage wines, we take you safely through, so you can take it easy and simply enjoy a unique wine experience.

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Product specifications




Good Condition A to A+

Contains sulfites

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Merlot 2003 Tommasi Le Pruneé is an Italian red wine from the Tuscany area. The wine has a good condition, from A to A+, and is from the exclusive winery Tommasi Le Pruneé. This older wine is perfect to drink or give on good occasions, or to save and enjoy at a later date. With its unique history, this wine is very special and is sure to be a hit with any wine lover.

    "A super nice bottle, and the contents just as good! A fun and special wine experience."
    - Karsten


    "I was looking for a special vintage wine and I found it quickly and easily."

    - Paul Erik


    "I was out late and had to order a gift. Super service and fast delivery."


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